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The following are some features available to customize your Eyeglasses:

Progressive lenses: For years, we’ve sought an answer to the challenge of providing effective vision correction at varying distances. Bifocals and trifocals are a great first step, but those “lines” can be distracting and sometimes unappealing. A more comfortable and attractive solution is available. We now offer progressive lenses that provide a smooth lineless transition to improve your range of vision for near, far and everything in between! Our Opticians are highly skilled in making glasses to your exact measurements using the best choice of materials for your particular needs and budget.

High-index lenses: An advanced plastic material that provides significant advantages including an ultra thin lens with superior strength. These lenses also provide a great appearance for those with larger prescriptions.

Polycarbonate lenses: Thin and light, shatter resistant lenses are a great choice for active lifestyles, material of choice for safety glasses, and the only lenses prescribed for children.

Polarized lenses: Boaters and fisherman have known for years, polarized sunglasses help reduce the glare off the water. Ordinary tinted sun lenses merely darken what you see and mask the real problems of glare. Polarized lenses are designed to reduce glare improving vision clarity. Water, snow and even pavement create glare that not only blurs vision but also causes squinting, eye fatigue and even impaired acuity.

Crizal Anti-reflective (AR): For greater safety and faster recognition of potential hazards on the road, you need all the light possible. AR coatings increase the amount of light transmitted through the lenses to about 99.5%. Long hours in front of a computer and harsh artificial lighting can make eyes tired and stressed. Anti-reflective coatings dramatically reduce eye fatigue caused by light reflections that cause glare. Our AR coatings also provide an added two side scratch protection coating. Finally, Anti-reflective (AR) coatings make eyeglass lenses virtually invisible so the focus is on you and not the distracting reflections from your surrounding environment.

Transition® Lenses: This fantastic technology allows your glasses to adapt naturally to changes in your environment and change from light to dark as you move between indoors and outdoors. When UV rays are present, they darken, so you’re protected, and they lighten when indoors. Featuring fast-changing action, these lenses offer scratch-resistant coating and come in the most popular lens materials and styles.

UV Protection coating: Dangerous ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun can hurt your eyes. Long-term exposure to UV radiation can contribute to eye disease, especially cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. Protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun with a UV protection coating, blocking both UVA and UVB rays.

Scratch coating: If you choose plastic lenses, you should consider getting a scratch resistant coating. All Hi-index lenses include a scratch coat. Scratches damage the cosmetic look of the lenses as well as their performance.

Tint coating: Fashion tint adds to your appearance while adding comfort and protection.

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